She-Jitsu Seminar

$ 25.00

book at your school, work place, or for a fun night out with the girls! 

What you are up against:

- 1 woman is assaulted every 6 minutes in the U.S.

- 4 out 5 sexual assaults are by non-strangers

- Most women are attacked in their own homes.

Regardless of your age or physical condition, you can and should defend yourself.

She-Jitsu founder and CEO Jennifer Gray started her company not just as a way to provide jiu-jitsu apparel and self-defense instruction, but also to have a vehicle to share her vision for empowerment for women. 

She-Jitsu is accomplishing that that goal by offering self-defense seminars and multi-day camps that give women practical, jiu-jitsu based skills to physically resist attacks and psychological insights into the strategies of attackers in order to help them avoid risk.

The principles taught in the seminars and camps help women defend themselves physically against a bigger, stronger opponent, and remain calm during an attack. 

Women also receive instruction that assists them in setting healthy boundaries that can lower the risk of sexual assault and they get guidance on creating a personal safety plan for the most common types of attacks against women.

Perfect for college students and those with limited time to learn self defense.





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